April 23, 2014

Summer Fiesta Projects: Part 2

Welcome back to the Summer Fiesta! Things are just starting to get good around here, and I am super excited to share these next three projects with you (one of them is mine)!

First up, we have these fun balloon fringe flags from One Charming Party. Don't they add so much to the party? Head over for the tutorial!

These Succulent Centerpieces are by Yours Truly, and you can find all the details below!

And lastly, these festive drink stirrers can be found over at Kojo Designs. I love them. And I just can't get enough of all this fringe happening!

Okay, so on to my DIY. If you love fringe, and you love succulents, then this project is right up your alley! 

First off, I knew I wanted to incorporate the party's colors right into the planter. I tried a couple different things, but at the end of the day, my favorite "vase filler" was Jelly Belly jelly beans! So, you fill your glass planter with the amount of dirt you need to get the plant the right height. Plant your succulent (dampen the soil--remember they don't need much water), and then top with the right color jelly bean! I love how spot on the colors are. Obviously, you won't be able to keep the jelly beans in for the long term. You wouldn't want to water these live plants with candy in there, so as soon as your party is over, take out the beans and toss.

For the matching tissue paper flags, follow these simple steps.

Cut about 3 layers of tissue paper into a square. Fold your square in half. And then cut fringe, taking care not to cut all the way to the fold.

Tie a string to two bamboo skewers that you stick in the planter, and then hang your tissue paper flag over the string! All done.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and don't forget to stop by the other blogs today for their great tutorials!

April 22, 2014

Summer Fiesta Projects: Part 1

Are you ready to get into the details of this amazing fiesta?? Today's links will lead you to the tutorials for Taco Invitations, a Balloon Party Bar, and DIY Papel Picado.

The best parties start with an awesome invitation, don't you think? Head over to Not Just a Mommy for the directions on how she put this cute taco invite together!

Thanks to Balloon Time, this party features a SWEET balloon party bar! Not sure what a balloon bar is? Head over to Confetti Sunshine for all the info. You'll want to do this at every party from now on!

And last but not least in today's lineup: Do it yourself Papel Picado! Who would have thought this could be simple enough to make yourself? I love it, and can't wait to read the tutorial. Head over to Frog Prince Paperie for all the details!

I am loving this party, how about you? Is it getting you even more excited for the weather to warm up and take your parties outdoors? Remember to come back all this week for more fiesta inspired projects! Mine is up tomorrow, and I'm so excited to share it with you!

April 21, 2014

The New Museum of Natural Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point!

A couple of weeks ago, the girls from My Mommy Style hosted my kids and me (along with the families of a few other bloggers) to party at the new Museum of Natural Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point.

We had such a blast! We spent over two hours there, and my kids would have been entertained for many more. This museum had it all. For the first hour, we climbed rope bridges, went down slides, and expended LOTS of energy in the "Rainforest." Then we headed over to "Kidopolis"--a child-inspired town with lots of interactive exhibits, activities, and games. My 4-yr old's favorite part was a bike-pedal powered train. He sat and pedaled, and watched a train move round its tracks above his head. Mine and my 20 month old's favorite part was the awesome toddler area. There were foam shapes and tunnels just his size, slides, and ramps and balls he never tired of. the best part was that it was enclosed by a bench surround for parents to sit on as the kids run wild. 

I honestly cannot say enough good about this place! It was entertaining for all of us, had something for every age, and I felt great knowing that my son was learning new things AND getting in great exercise! The Museum of Natural Curiosity officially opens May 15, and to celebrate, the girls of My Mommy Style are generously giving away tickets! They have reserved a 4 pack of day passes for one lucky reader of The Elephant of Surprise (which you can enter by filling out the first Rafflecopter below)! They are also giving away one year-long Family Pass to Thanksgiving Point! Please show some love to these amazing ladies, and enter both giveaways below! Whoever wins this stuff is seriously in for a treat!!

The Party Hop: Summer Fiesta!

I've got a great week of posts in store for you! It's time for another Party Hop, and this time we're putting on a fun and summery fiesta! Balloon Time graciously sponsored our party, and don't balloons just make every party more fun? Stay tuned the rest of the week to see the fun ways we incorporated the balloons. 

We've got lots of fun projects, from lots of great bloggers to share with you. Here are the fab ladies in the lineup this week!

And don't forget to give Balloon Time some love by following them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

April 8, 2014

Egg Shell Memory Game

There is almost nothing to say about this little, cute game. You find pairs of small objects that would fit under plastic egg halves, cover them up, and play memory!

Your young one probably has memory games, but this one is especially fun right now because Easter is coming up, you use plastic eggs, and you can use little treats! 

I set it up for my son and he played it solo-style. He could only turn over two halves at a time. Of course he tried for the candy items first! Finally, if your kid is old enough to catch on to this sort of thing, avoid the plastic eggs that have little holes in them. My son started peaking through them, the little stinker!

If your friends would use this simple idea for their kids, remember to pin it by hovering over the photos and clicking on the "pin it" link in the upper left hand corner! Thanks for stopping by!

April 3, 2014

Little Lesson: Mixing Colors

It's been a long time since I've posted a little lesson here on the blog, and this one is super simple and timely. I did this with my almost 4 year old (Gulp. I can't believe he's that old.) and he kept saying it was "magic." I told him that our primary colors are red, yellow, and blue, and that when we mix two of them together we get new colors!

Here's what we used to do the activity.

Crayola water colors, paint brush, art paper, water, and a pencil to draw eggs.

To start, I drew eggs on a piece of paper. To get an oval shape I simply squeezed a plastic cup and traced it. Then I wrote the two primary colors we would be mixing next to each egg.

My son painted red on the top and yellow on the bottom, and when they mixed in the middle . . . magic! Orange appeared. He loved it. And we continued with the other combos to get green and purple, too.

He painted some plain colors, too, and little brother just painted his eggs however he wanted. That's always fun, too. After the paper was dry, I cut out the egg shapes, hole punched them, and threaded ribbon through. Now these cute festive Easter eggs are hanging in our kitchen. 

This was so easy, and my son really thought it was amazing to see what color would show up next! I hope you give it a try! 

April 1, 2014

Through the Lens: April

This post sponsored by Leslie Leavitt Photography. Enjoy these beautiful images, and be sure to 'like' Leslie Leavitt Photography on Facebook

What is April looking like for you? March and April have kind of combined into one big whirlwind full of events. My baby brother came home from his mission a few weeks ago, which made the first time in 2 1/2 years that our whole family (my siblings and parents) was together. This month, my youngest sister gets married! I'm so excited for her, and so excited to get a new brother-in-law. In my family, we are three sisters and then my brother, so this will be the 4th and final brother on this side of the family. I cannot wait to spend all that time together with my family. I am so blessed to have the parents, and siblings I do. And having my own family has only added and enhanced those other relationships. I can't wait for the wedding! The reception is going to be at the most beautiful little barn venue, and all the details sound so pretty. Stay tuned for pictures as the month goes on!

And speaking of adding more family--my sister who takes these beautiful photos is adding another little boy to the happy bunch next month! I'm so excited for another boy to play with my boys! She is also taking the photos for my sister's wedding, AND preparing for a cross-country move this month. I don't know how she is going to do it--she is AMAZING. But anyway, family time is the best time. So many amazing things in store!

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